Inmates give sleeping mats to needy

ONTARIO — Two inmates from the minimum security facility at Snake River Correctional Institution delivered 10 sleeping mats Thursday to New Hope Kitchen Jackets, to be donated to people in need and who access services there Competitive Swimwear.

Inmates Jimmy Vaughn, Marvin Walker and other inmates at the prison made the mats by using plastic grocery bags Girls. They cut the bags into strips, tied them together to make plarn (plastic bag yarn), and then crocheted the mats.

It takes about 12 to 16 hours to make one mats, Vaughn said.

“I like the thicker ones better,” Walker said of the bags Knitwear, because they are less likely to tear, he added.

Sharla Lewondowski, Snake River Correctional office specialist who directs the project, said the mats were the first project using the plastic bags, and now a new project will be chosen, using a different pattern targeted for different recipients.

Five inmates were involved in crocheting the mats Water Sports, she said, with around 40 minimum security inmates involved in the project overall.