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1) Will other products using deglutenised wheat flour be created in the future?

Bontà di Pane is just the first of the new Sapori Tradizionali range of products made using deglutenised wheat. Keep on following us and discover other future products in the range!

2) I have already heard about deglutenised wheat starch: is it the same thing? How is this new bread different from the other products on the market?

Deglutinated starch and flour are both obtained from wheat but are two very different things.
  • Wheat starch is obtained by processing grains of wheat: the starch is separated from the protein part of the wheat (the part that is harmful for people with coeliac disease) with a washing and drying process. However, this process also eliminates the protein part of the wheat, making deglutenised starch entirely composed of carbohydrates and therefore with a poor nutritional value;
  • Deglutenised flour, on the other hand, is obtained by a patented process based on natural leavening, by which, together with a combination of enzymes and lactic cultures and a long resting time, the gluten is removed from the wheat flour. The deglutination process makes it possible to maintain all the positive characteristics of wheat, with a product that is more complete from a nutritional point of view and with a sensory profile that is completely different to starch, because it maintains the flavour and taste of wheat for the refound pleasure of genuine traditional bread

3) Does deglutenised wheat flour contain gluten even in very low concentrations?

During the deglutenation process the gluten usually present in wheat flour is broken down to reach levels well below the threshold established by law for being able to declare a product “gluten-free” (< 20 ppm). Certificates also show that the product reaches thresholds well below this limit, allowing Giuliani to report the product to the Italian Health Ministry, which has included it in the National Register of Reimbursable Products.

4) Is the product good for me and my family?

The product is reported to the Italian Health Ministry and it is included in the National Register as a reimbursable product. The product’s safety is guaranteed by Giuliani, which analyses each and every batch of deglutinated wheat flour and finished product, in order to guarantee the product’s absolute suitability for coeliac sufferers.

5) With this new procedure is it really possible to obtain bread as tasty as traditional bread?

Trying is believing! Bontà di Pane has the taste and flavour of genuine traditional bread, precisely because it contains wheat but without gluten. Its unique flavour, the golden crust of fragrant bread, as tasty and soft as the traditional product… To rediscover the pleasure of genuine bread for everyone!

6) Why do we need bread made with deglutenised wheat flour?

The patent concept stems precisely from the need to obtain a bread that maintains all the positive characteristics of wheat, not only from a sensory point of view but also from a nutritional one. Being able to eat bread made using wheat is a great achievement for those who wish or have to eat a gluten-free diet. The advantage is a product that is more genuine, tasty and fragrant, because it is made with wheat, but without gluten. However, the nutritional component is also important because people on a gluten-free diet are often deficient in vitamins, mineral salts, fibre and amino acids, which are all readily available in wheat. Bontà di Pane is able to offer all these positive characteristics of wheat.

7) Is the deglutenation method a chemical process?

The deglutenation process is completely natural precisely because it is based on the traditional bread-making method with natural leavening. Natural yeast has been used for centuries in the production of leavened bakery products: Giuliani's research has now discovered that certain lactic cultures and enzymes present in natural sourdough (selected and patented by Giuliani), are able to break down the gluten in wheat flour.

8) What makes this bread different to the other gluten-free breads available on the market?

The innovation lies in the use for the first time of deglutenised wheat flour in a gluten-free product. There are no other products available whose ingredients also include wheat flour; the result is a bread that is as tasty as traditional bread precisely because it is made using wheat and therefore it is unparalleled on the gluten-free product market.
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